Bairdi Snow Crab

th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_bairdi1Snow crab – named for their sweet, delicate, snow-white meat – is one of Alaska’s signature crab fisheries.

The snow white meat is what gives the snow crab its name and its reputation as a delicacy. These Sweet Treats will melt in your mouth.

th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_bairdi2Bairdi also known as Tanner Crab is the largest of the Snow Crab, averaging 3-5 lbs and measuring 3 feet from tip to tip.

The snow crab fishery was developed in Alaska in the mid-1960s, when crabbers started fishing bairdi, which averages 3-5 pounds, compared to 1 1/2 -2 1/2 pounds for C. opilio. In less than five years, bairdi catches soared to almost 35,000 tons, temporarily exceeding landings of king crab.th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_bairdi3

Bairdi has has four pairs of walking legs. This is due to the fact that the snow crab lives on the bottom of the body of water. This allows for faster movement across the substrate. It also serves as a protection device, as it allows for a more efficient means of burrowing into the sand to get away from predators.