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Puget Sound Dungeness Crab opener

The Puget Sound Dungeness Crab opener is underway, and has started at a reasonable price. We believe we have the very best fishermen, bringing the highest grade dungeness crab in the entire region. Our fishermen care about quality just as much as we do. After the crab is delivered to our dock, it is ...
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Now shipping Live & Fresh Seafood to Dubai, UAE ...
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Dungeness Crabbing

Fishing for Live Dungeness Crab! This time of year is a very dangerous time of year for our fisherman. The weather patterns change very rapidly and temperature plummet. These guys are truly amazing at what they do and we appreciate them! ...
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While the season started out with extremely high prices, the market has flexed causing the prices to drop. The Asian market has pushed back on the early high prices forcing the US crab market to absorb live crab stocks. Crab prices have gone from as high as $5.00 to the boat to a huge drop to as low ...
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Our latest video

Here’s what some of our outstanding customers think about our Live Crab Program! ...
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Were shipping Live

Were shipping Live King Crab out of Southeast Alaska to our live tanks north of Seattle. We hold crab in our aerated, temperature controlled tanks to strengthen the crab for deliveries further into the lower 48.Our live king Crab will ship via Alaska Air or via FedEx in 40-50 lb cartons. All Crab sh ...
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