Our unique Live & Fresh Seafood program offers only the Best Choice Sustainable and Traceable seafood from Alaska and Washington.
With relationships that go back over 15 years in the seafood industry and some of the top restaurants and retailers that buy our quality seafood products, we are excited to offer our customers a truly unique and unparalleled seafood program.


As a consumer, you have a choice to choose seafood that is regulated and managed. Not all fish and shellfish that are available in today’s markets and restaurants are good choices from an environmental perspective. Population sizes of seafood species vary over time – both naturally and depending on how heavily they are fished. Alaskan fisheries are in great shape due to excellent fisheries management, providing a productive, sustainable, clean and healthy environment. The Alaskan Seafood products we source are at the top of the list as Best Seafood Choices. Others have experienced dramatic declines due to over harvesting or environmental fluctuations, and choosing those seafood species further contributes to the problem of over fishing.

At Premier Harvest we have cultivated very close and personal relationships with the fisherman and the processors. The men and women we deal with follow the strictest guidelines for handling and processing our Seafood. Once caught, our Fresh catch is buried deep into flake ice or chilled using RSW. Only the best of the catch is processed for Fresh or Live. Once our boats tie up, our product is removed off the boat, cleaned and packed to be shipped on the next flight. At Premier Harvest we stand behind every pound of product we source from our Alaska and Washington locations. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality of Live & Fresh Seafood and deliver it with outstanding service and support.

Quality is never an accident it is always a result of high intentions and a sincere effort.

Please contact your Premier Harvest regarding our “Live” crab policies. Premier Harvest makes every effort to ship only the strongest and healthiest live crab from our locations out of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California. All Live crab is tendered prior to departure. Premier Harvest is not responsible for damage incurred by airlines or freight forwarding, dead loss or drip loss due to the long and remote distances the crab travel. Our staff at Premier Harvest has a very good track record for Live shipments!