th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_halibut2Alaska Halibut has earned its well-deserved reputation as the world’s premium whitefish. Combining a sweet, delicate flavor with firm texture and a pure, snow white flesh, Alaska Halibut is a natural for a variety of signature dishes and attractive plate presentations, known for its firm, flaky texture and delicate, succulent flavor.

Fresh Halibut Cheeks
th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_haliAlaska Halibut also yields roundish cheeks which are extracted from the head area. Cheeks are sweet flavored and are considered a delicacy around the world.

Fresh Halibut Fletches
Skin-on or skinless – Premier Harvest provides you with premium quality halibut fletches and portions packed in 20 and 40 lbs boxes.

Fresh H & G Halibut
This superb fish is size graded as: 10/20#, 20/40#, 40/60#, 60/80#, 80#/Up.
Available fresh in season and frozen year round.