King Crab

th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_sheAlaska King Crab

is unmatched for its sweet flavor and rich, tender texture. No other shellfish in the world projects a more elegant image or offers such widespread appeal than Alaska King Crab. The largest and most impressive of all the crabs caught in the world, Alaska King Crab lends itself to a variety of attractive plate presentations.

th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_fishingLive Alaska King Crab

Our Live King Crab is shipped from our sourced locations to the airport for pickup or shipped to your door via FedEx. Weights vary depending on type of King Crab and locations.
Shipped products consist of 20 to 25lbs & 40 to 50lbs boxes or Large Fiber totes.

Fresh Cooked Alaska King Crab


Fresh Cooked (not frozen) King Crab has a delicate richness that is simply superior to frozen crab. Fresh is so incredibly good nothing else is needed with it. It’s sweet taste will absolutely amaze you. Packed in 20 to 25lbs & 40 to 50lbs boxes.

Alaska Brown King Crab

th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_kingAlso called Golden King Crab, normally smaller than the red and blue king crabs, averaging 5–8 lb (2–4 kg).[6] It tastes similar to the red and blue king crabs, though perhaps somewhat sweeter. Brown King Crab percentage of meat fill is less than that of Red & Blue King Crab.

Alaska Red King Crab

The red king crab can grow quite large, most caught, range in size from 3 to 4 feet from tip to tip and 6 to 9 pounds. Red King Crab has the highest meat fill percentage.