Spot Prawns

th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_spotpSpot Prawns from Alaska & Washington are considered some of the sweetest on the planet. Harvested with baited pots or traps and left for a period of time on the sea floor, the prawns are brought aboard the vessel live then headed immediately. The result is a truly gourmet buttery prawn in demand by the best chefs and known connoisseurs. Available Live or Fresh, the fisheries are highly regulated and commercial openings are few and far between.

th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_fish66Alaska Shrimp are very sweet and extremely tasty. We are able to provide different types of Shrimp; Northern Pink, Humpy, Coonstripe, Sidestripe, and Spot Shrimp throughout the season. Commercial openings are sporadic and it is a rare opportunity to experience fresh shrimp. Packed in 25lb boxes.

Alaska Spot Prawns – considered the biggest in the Pacific are known for their flavor and firm texture. At their largest, an Alaska Spot can extend over 9 inches. The th_ffb7925b6ca65c589e11ac4dbf13773b_spotprawns2meat from the Spot Prawn is exceptionally sweet and tender. Perfect for grilling right in the shell or for use in any way you enjoy Prawns. Packed in 25lb boxes.

Washington Spot Prawns are sweet, meaty and delicious. They range in size from 1.5 to 4 inches long. Keep it simple when preparing the Spot Prawn; they are superb when grilled, sautéed or steamed. Packed in 25lb boxes.