sustainability and traceability

Sustainable and Traceable Seafood for Generations

Premier Harvest prides itself on offering the very highest quality seafood from sustainable and traceable sources. We are committed to long-term partnerships with our fisherman, communities and sources that practice and support responsible fishing and sustainable management of our rivers and oceans.

Our commitment ensures that our seafood partners maintain the highest standards of wild caught crab and other seafood. As stewards of our environment, we realize by investment in our oceans and rivers today we will provide our children and future generations the health benefits provided by fish and seafood for years to come.

As more people become health-conscious consumers, globally and the demand increases for seafood, it is critical to support sustainable and traceable fishing practices. Sustainable fishing practices allow any particular threatened fish populations to recover to a healthy level. Traceable fishing practices allow buyers and consumers to know exactly where and when there products are harvested. This is accomplished by an extensive fisheries management system both domestically and internationally using sound scientific evidence and advice.

At Premier Harvest, we believe in Sustainability & Traceability from the boat to the plate!